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Lie Detection

Hogan International are pleased to introduce Steve Chart who has joined them as a Consultant specializing in Lie Detection Testing


Dipl. Psychology (RSA) FIPI (UK) CVSA (USA) 

A former Detective Inspector with the Metropolitan Police, he returned to South Africa in 1987, where he had spent his formative years and formed Steve Chart and Associates which, over the following 24 years, became a successful investigation/security consultancy company.  He specialized in lie detection (truth verification). Upon his recent return to the UK, Steve joined us as a specialist consultant, having worked with us on a number of occasions in the past

He is a certified Voice Stress Analyst with the National Institute for Truth Verification (NITV) in Florida, USA, and a SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis) analyst having studied with the Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation (LSI) which is located in Arizona, USA.

He has a Diploma in Psychology, obtained through study with Intec College in South Africa, and was awarded Fellowship of the Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI) in the UK after submitting a paper entitled “Voice Stress Analysis – An Aid to Investigation”.

Since 1992, he has conducted over 15,000 examinations and in South Africa is considered a leader in the field.

Through pre-employment screening, integrity testing, personality assessments and forensic interviews, Steve Chart has assisted many commercial organizations, including Insurers, Loss Adjusters, Information Technology, Banks and other institutions.

Please contact Hogan International on 01252 325700 for further information, or to arrange an initial consultation with Steve.

Lie Detection – FAQ’s 

Are the results accepted in Court?


No – the process is designed to aid the investigation process, the intention being to eliminate the innocent from the enquiry and identify the guilty party (ies) so that further investigations can be carried out.

What about human rights?


No-one can be forced to undergo an examination.  It is a voluntary process requiring the examinee’s agreement and co-operation.

How accurate is a lie detector test?


The process, if carried out by a skilled, experienced and qualified examiner, is very accurate. 

What is the difference between the Polygraph and Voice Stress Analysis?


The interview and examination process is essentially the same.  The technology used to conduct the test is different.  The Polygraph monitors physiological changes in blood pressure, heart rate and sweat.

Voice Stress Analysis monitors these physiological changes by measuring and charting frequency modulations in the human voice. 

An advantage of using Voice Stress Analysis, is that it is less intimidating as nothing is attached to the interviewee.

(During 20 years as a Certified Voice Stress Analyst, Steve Chart has never seen any need to change from Voice Stress Analysis to the Polygraph).

How is the lie detector test carried out?


There are different methodologies, depending on the circumstances of the case. 

Where there are a number of suspects, all are asked to complete a non-threatening, non-accusatory questionnaire, based on the Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN) system.  Analysis of each questionnaire will enable us to eliminate, with a high degree of accuracy, those who are not involved, obtain useful, pertinent information and identify a possible suspect(s).

When a face-to-face interview and Voice Stress Analysis examination is conducted, the procedure is as follows:-


1. A pre-examination interview is conducted and the interviewee’s verbal/non-verbal behaviour, as well as micro expression changes are noted.

2. A series of questions is formulated and discussed with the interviewee.  Once the questions are understood, the questions are repeated and the interviewee’s answers recorded. 

3. A post-test interview is conducted.


Can medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, affect the result?


Anyone can undergo a Voice Stress Analysis test, provided they are able to answer a question. 

How much does it cost?


A quotation can be provided before the process is undertaken. Please contact Hogan International on 01252 325700 for further information. 

Contact Hogan International to discuss Lie Detection.


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